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Wine tasting in Paris

Wine tasting in Paris

 1 Class booked = 1 Free Bottle of Corbières!


You have visited the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, it is now time to discover the French wines and their secrets. A funny pedagogy distilled by professionals in a user-friendly ambience: you will surely find happiness at DEGUST’Emoi!

Our oenology courses will allow you to get the techniques and vocabulary of tasting, and initiate yourself to the aromas and flavors of French wines.

You will discover the great French wine regions, the main grape varieties and their aromas, as well as the techniques of winemaking. You will also discover the great principles of food and wine pairing and the most important rules of wine service, and discover the most beautiful wine and cheese deals.

With around 10 000 people following our courses at DEGUST’Emoi each year, do not hesitate anymore, and come with us!

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